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Is your Office Space Productive?

September 26, 2013

A productive workspace is the key to a successful company. If you want to get the best out of your employees, it is crucial to consider productivity in every aspect of your office design. Happy employees are productive employees so whether you are trying to improve your existing office space or you are looking for a more productive office design from somewhere like Skyline Offices, here are three ways to boost productivity in your workspace.

Asses the Temperature

Designing a comfortable space isn’t just about high quality office chairs. The temperature of an office can affect the happiness of your employees and therefore affect productivity levels. Getting the temperature right can be quite a challenge as some people prefer to work in a cooler environment than others. Studies show that a cold working environment can have a negative effect on productivity and that’s not all. The study in question found that employees made more mistakes when temperatures dropped below 20 degrees Celsius. In order to reach a happy medium, give your employees a survey to fill in and this will help you decide on the best heating solution to put in place. It is also wise to provide employees with heaters to allow them more control over their working environment.


Lighting is another important aspect to consider if you want to boost the productivity of your workforce. According to recent research, having access to natural lighting rather than artificial lighting can make you feel more alert. The quality of your office lighting can directly affect the mood of your employees and therefore this aspect should be carefully considered. Try to ensure that every employee has access to natural lighting where possible or try to position employees away from direct light and install lensed-indirect lighting instead.


An uncomfortable working environment can see productivity plummet so as a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure they are happy. Bad posture and back ailments are common in the office environment so providing employees with the right chairs and equipment to prevent these conditions will go a long way. Comfortable chairs, foot rests and back rests can improve office conditions significantly for many individuals and this will have a positive effect on your business. Provide your employees with a guide to office ergonomics so they can learn how to sit comfortably and improve their posture.

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